Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Helloooooooo Fall!

Yes, yes......I know, I KNOW!! It's not officially Fall yet.....BUT... I caught a bit of a wafting scent of it this morning...... I did! You all may not have been so fortunate to catch it tip-toeing around your woods yet, but when I went out early this morning, it was so blessedly cool. The air actually was a bit crisp....a bit of a nip. It's COMING!!! I know it is!

You crazy girl, you may be asking, why are you so excited about Fall??

Well, say I, isn't it obvious?!? Fall is favorite time of year!! My birthday is in the Fall (just because I don't count them doesn't mean I can't enjoy them).......Halloween is in the Fall (the significance goes without saying)......the leaves are gorgeous...........pumpkins are ready for carving..........craft shows abound!! What is not to love about Fall?

My ultimate Fall day would be to curl up on the comfy sofa, hot cup of mulled cider in hand, and watch the changing leaves as they drift past the window. My quilt tucked around my legs, a wood fire in the fireplace and NPR playing Vivaldi (or Loreena McKennitt on the CD player).

It's corny, I know, but GOSH what a season!! So......if anyone out there is reading this, I would LOVE to know what your favorite part of Fall is. What floats your boat, what lights your fire, what shakes the (turning) leaves on your tree?! Eh? Let me know!


  1. I understand completely! I love fall so much! I get to wear scarves and mittens sometimes...only you have to carry a larger purse to put all of it into once the morning is over cause it still gets pretty hot. This is my first time to your blog and I really like it! The background is nothing ive ever seen before!
    See ya around the hive! :)

  2. My favorite part is Halloween and handing out the candy... I love all the little trick-o-treaters in their costumes.

    Fall is definitely on it's way here!

    Great post!

  3. Oh, I hear you! It's the change of temperature and the sudden drama for all the senses....changing leaves, different smells, changing wildlife noises, and so on.

    *and* the chance to wear all those great colors and fabrics that were too hot in the summer! Purple, rust, and ochre - whoohooo!

  4. Oh, I can't help it!! I MUST put my own two cents in on my own blog posting!!

    Tis true, so true! I love all of the luxurious colors of fall clothing! Ever notice how our jewel-toned clothes match the tree friends' changing leaves!?!

    Thanks for all the comments dearies!!


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