Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Treasure Box To.....Well,.... Treasure.

HELLO dears! I hope all of you are having a marvelous day! It is gorgeous here.........the sultry days are finally cooling off a bit and the trees are getting anxious to shake off their shabby old wardrobe. I believe, perhaps, there is even a hint of Halloween in the air.

Now, I must....must, must, MUST.......share another new treasure I have acquired!

Isn't it just divine!?! Believe me when I say this picture of my lovely box does not do it justice! I love the old-timey Halloween colors & the ever-so-witchy witch flying off towards who-knows-what-mayhem!

I've placed the box in a place of honor----in my bedroom sitting on my chest of drawers....... don't we all place our truly favorite treasures in our little private inner sanctums!?!

This magical piece was created by Halloween Folk Artist Cindy Tevis. I hate to use a cliche, but she really is such a talented artist. I purchased this piece off of eBay from her (and borrowed her picture to post here as well). She is The Shabby Hag & her user name is HalloweenSpirit01. I've included a link to her blog so everyone can enjoy her work.

Blessings to all. ~^*^~ Rachel

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