Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello again my friends. I've been away for awhile. Life had tapped me on my shoulder and demanded, as it sometimes does, that I stop and take care of little details which had sneakily piled up while I had been self-indulgently........uh.......well, I shall call it like it was....."lazy".

The view out of my bedroom window was so beautiful and the smells coming from my kitchen today moved me so that I decided I must share them with you. The season of Fall stirs me deeply within my soul, you see, and places such contentment in my heart.

The colors of the foilage......the scent of the earth's leaves & soil.....they calm my soul. And, for some reason, during Fall they smell more wonderful as in no other season.

Fall's bounty is currently simmering & roasting away in my kitchen right now.......reminding me of my Grandmother....of how her home always smelled. It did not really matter what she was cooking, but her kitchen always smelled delicious.....of Pine-Sol & love. Her home's smells were just like her arms.......warm, comforting and enveloping.

So, today's cooking........the baking sweet potatoes, simmering turnip greens and roasting pork all remind me of her today, of her sweetness and her unconditional love. And I shed a tear, missing her, for she has been gone from this life for twenty years.

The world is a dimmer place without her here, but I can remember--and enjoy--the sights and smells which take me back.....back to her kitchen of love.

Many Thanksgiving blessings to you and your family. If you have not done so lately, I do some wish you would take some time now to really enjoy your loved ones. As we all know well, some chances come around but once.

Blessings to you and thanks for stopping by. ~^o^~ Rachel